The Spring We Fell In Love

Stephanie Afonso, Guest Writer

We fell in love as the flowers began to grow. The tree’s were parsley green and the sky was azure. It was my favorite time of year. Everything was beginning to grow again, breathing new life all around. As the frigid temperatures melted away, the flowers bloomed, just as my love did for him. His eyes were like freshly turned soil, yet as bright as the stars. His gaze like soft rain on petals; simply beautiful and held the world in them. The calmness, understanding, and reassurance in his eyes, was something you come across only a few times in your life. The sun that day, had shone on us like a welcome back to the outdoors and the sound of the birds chirping lively made it feel just as perfect. We blossomed from each other’s love, and that night, as the moon was a ghostly silver, I realized that I was catastrophically in love with him.