Jess Pashko

Jess Pashko

Stacia Papuga, Staff Writer

Quote: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world,” Bob Marley

Major: Dietetics, nutrition, and food science

Fun fact: Loves make her own recipes

 Jessica Pashko’s freshman year at LHS was very exciting: She made varsity soccer and ran varsity track, her grades were stellar, she made high honors, and she was also focused on sports.

As her freshman year continued, Jess hung out with Alexa Repko, Siearra Papuga, Sarah Wilczynski, and her brother and his friends mostly.

With her senior year coming to an end, Jess has “definitely changed.”

Jess has become more confident with who she is and she has found who her true friends are. She is also way closer with her family now, too. She also found that she’s really passionate about cooking, hiking, and being outdoors in general.

Her greatest challenge throughout high school was “my junior year because it was very rigorous and it affected my grades,” said Jess.

Jess’s greatest achievements were “getting through AP bio, becoming varsity soccer captain and  track captain her senior year, and interact club president her junior year.”

The hardest challenge Jess had faced throughout her time here at LHS was her senior year when she underwent reconstructive hip surgery that she is still recuperating from.

“It was due to a previous surgery and hip problem that I have been dealing with since I was 13. It was in November and I was in the hospital for a week. During a seven-hour surgery the doctors inserted four screws and two anchors that realigned my hip. I was in a wheelchair and then moved to two crutches and then finally one. I was unable to walk for about five months and to this day I continue to go to physical therapy. I was also unable to play my senior soccer season or participate in track unfortunately,” she said.

Her tips for freshman and even upper classmen at LHS is “make friends with everyone, be outgoing, take chances, get involved, and get to know your teachers! It pays off when you’re a senior.”

This fall, Jess will be attending the University of Vermont to become a registered dietitian. Her biggest fear is “getting homesick, getting lost and not having enough warm clothing.”