A Walk Down St. Patrick’s Day Memory Lane

A Walk Down St. Patrick’s Day Memory Lane

Chavelle Carlson, Editorial Editor

St. Patrick’s Day is known as the day where we celebrate Irish heritage and could also be known as the day when non-Irish people are “Irish for a day.” For many, it is just an excuse to have a good time, dress up in green, drink beer, or even dress fully as a leprechaun. Lots of people don’t know the actual meaning behind this holiday. 

March 17th, the day of St. Patrick’s Day, is also known in history as the day St. Patrick, a saint of the Catholic Church, passed away. His holy day, the day he united with God. In the middle of the 19th Century, the Irish suffered from major discrimination. The Irish began immigrating in large numbers to the US. Due to the Catholic faith, many Irish were treated poorly for being “disloyal.”

To fight for their voice, they stepped up and began organizing themselves politically. By the end of the 19th century, St. Patrick’s Day, was a grand holiday for the Irish to demonstrate their beliefs. Some researchers believe that the real meaning behind this major holiday had something to do with their discrimination, but for now, will forever remain as the holiday full of festivities regardless of your cultural background.

Fun fact: St. Patrick’s Day was a sober holiday in Ireland until the 1970s. Due to the Irish laws, all pubs were closed that day.