Anna Belculfine, Editor in Chief

Unfortunately we’ve all been victimized by it. You’re strolling down the hall, trying to get to class on time, when you turn the corner and there they are: two students, usually a boy and girl, wrapped in each other’s arms, in a full blown Public Display of Affection.


This needs to stop. No one needs to see couples all over each other all around at school. Save that for home. It’s not always the holding hands, hugs, or the quick pecks before class that draw the eyes, it’s the fact that these people feel the need to be all over each other like they’ll never see each other again. But I promise you, you can live without them for 48 minutes.

No, the frequently used term “get a room” does not mean find a secret place at school (like the basement), or the corner of some hallway.

I, along with my fellow classmates, come to school to get an education, not to see full blown make out sessions before the first bell rings or between classes.

The lunchroom is also not a place to display your affection for one another; people are trying to eat. I cannot look anywhere without seeing someone hanging all over their bae while everyone around them is trying to eat their sandwiches in peace. I do not want to witness the excessive touching and constant lip locking while I’m trying to eat the soup of the day.


I’m pretty sure your teachers do not want to see it either; it’s not just the students who are disgusted by it. It not only is unnecessary but it makes everyone around the couple uncomfortable. It’s an awkward situation to run into, and I wish I never did. All of us are just trying to get from point A to point B and nobody want wants to get stuck behind a couple walking at the pace of snails so they can spend more time together before they depart for first period.

Even though some couples are less fortunate than others and don’t get to see each other outside of school very much, this isn’t the place to display your love for bae. Seriously, feel free to display that love anywhere but at school. Maybe it doesn’t matter to them what others think or say, and of course they don’t find it as gross of the rest of us, but please.