Turn in your permission slips early (or at least on time)

Briana Deferreira, Staff Writer

Many Students have been trying to turn in permission forms late this year for field trips and other activities,  not realizing that they many teachers cannot accept late slips. Consequently, some students have missed out on activities.

“I had several students try to turn in slips after the deadline for our Salem trip but the bus was full,” said junior-class advisor Charles Cangemi. “Also, the nurse needs the names two weeks in advance of the trip or they won’t be allowed to go.”

The deadline for the permission slips return date is always provided on the slip itself, typically in bigger font that the rest, yet students still seem to ignore it.

Faculty have been wondering how the dates are not clear enough for the students to understand.

They claim to explained multiple times that if a permission slip is turned in late then, the student will not be allowed to participate in the activity.

Even if a parent calls the school upset that their child can’t go on a trip in many cases there is nothing that can be done.The school needs to know how many students are signed up for the trip so they can get the correct amount of busses..

If not enough students sign up for the trip to fill a bus, then the advisors may need to cancel the whole trip. This another reason why they need the due dates, so they have enough time to inform the bus companies one what’s going on.

“We need at least 45 students on a bus” if it is King Ward, said Cangemi. “If we have fewer than that it price goes way up.”

Another thing that has been publicized yet ignored are class dues. Class dues must be paid in full to your class advisors in order for you to partake in the trip. If your dues are not paid then you will not be allowed to go on the field trip.

Class dues are not only important for the field trip itself but also for every activity your class is supposed to participate in, for example, prom, class shirts and even graduation.

So if you plan to participate in any activities throughout your high school career please make sure to pay attention to their due dates and turn them in prior to them.