Students are getting too much homework

Autumn Haggerty, Staff Writer

Only six weeks into the school year and students are already swamped with homework from each class.

A lot of students this year complain about how much homework they get and how it’s affecting their after-school activities. Sports and other events might be delayed or rushed because of the amount of homework assigned for that night.

This affects the performance and even the mood of the person for whatever after-school activity they are involved in. “When students are pushed to handle a workload that’s out of sync with their development level, it can lead to significant stress,” says the Healthline website.

Students struggling with heavy homework loads are working on it during that class period or even staying up really late to finish it. I know from experience having so much homework that I needed to start one of them in one class period so I wouldn’t be swamped later that night.This makes students more sleepy and groggy than they already are in the morning.

Also, a better and easier way would be for teachers to assign less homework. If teachers assigned just half of what they currently assign, students would still be able to practice some skills or do some preparation for the following day without being overloaded.

Having time at the end of the period would also help. No only could students get a jump start on the assignment they could also snap a picture of any pages in the book so they would not need to bring the textbook home.