The Sad Reality of Snow Days

The Sad Reality of Snow Days

Autumn Haggerty, Staff Writer

The numerous snow days recently have been a surprise to everyone and they’re both a blessing and a curse.

Everyone will admit that it’s nice to sleep-in late and have the whole day to relax and enjoy a cold day with a cup of hot cocoa. Snow days provide a much needed break and a chance to catch up on an overbearing workload.

However, snow days can be a pain when you stay up all night preparing for a test or class, only to have it be cancelled.

All these snow days are fun for now, but when the summer comes, everyone will want to get out of school as soon as possible. This will be hard if all the days we have off now are just being added onto the end of the year. The end of the year is when we want to be tanning at the beach and soaking up the AC, not stuck in a muggy classroom.

Some of the snow days are definitely called for, but some are wasted on a sunny day. Of course right now they are amazing and students crave that early-morning call saying that we don’t have school. After the winter passes a lot of people are going to be wishing that we had less school days canceled. The fewer snow days we have, the less school we have left.

Snow days are relaxing, relieving, and a break, but having fun in the sun with your friends and family at the beach is a lot better than sitting in school in 80 degree weather.