We Hate Them Cause They’re Cheaters


William Reno, Staff Writer

For the past decade and a half, the New England Patriots have dominated the NFL unlike any other team before them. While Pats fans revel in the things that make the Patriots the Patriots, everyone else is left to wonder how everything seems to always work out for them.

The Patriots are blessed with one of the greatest coaches of all time, Bill Belichick. However, he has a reputation for being the shadiest coach in NFL history. With a career dominated by cheating, it is no wonder why Belichick has so many Super Bowl matches under his belt.

A huge part of this Patriots “dynasty” included several forms of cheating in recent years: Spygate of 2007 and Deflategate of 2014.

Dating back to 2007, the Patriots were rumored to be spying on other teams. Further investigations were made and they were caught filming the New York Jets practice.

In more recent years, the 2014 AFC championship game against the Colts also contained speculation of cheating. The Patriots were accused of “deflating” the footballs so. Investigations were made, and Tom Brady was brought up to court and eventually suspended four games for this incident.

Many fans will argue that every team does it; however, that is untrue and in no way does that make it reasonable to cheat. If “the greatest team of all time” was really that great, would they really need to cheat?

Never again do I wish to hear discussion about how great Tom Brady is either.

Understand that Brady is a good quarterback, but to go beyond that, knowing the advantages he’s almost certainly had throughout his career, seems highly irresponsible.

He is the most overrated quarterback of all time who often lets his team, and the fans, down. In the 2007 season, the Patriots held a 18-0 record, but Brady caused his team to lose Super Bowl XLII against Eli Manning.

It is no surprise the Patriots have played in seven Super Bowls and won seven AFC championships considering they play in the easiest division in the league, as the AFC is not as strong as the NFC based on the fact that the NFC has won more Super Bowls since the formation of the two leagues in 1970.

In conclusion, the Patriots are a great team, without a doubt. However, to say they are the greatest team of all time is pure arrogance. They’re a team of cheaters who face an easy road to the Super Bowl every year. “Dynasty” is not the best word to describe Tom Brady and the Patriots, overrated would be a better word.