The controversy over prom dresses

Stacia Papuga, Sports Editor

As you may know, prom is just around the corner and girls are already obsessing over their dresses and claiming which ones they want by posting pictures on Instagram or Twitter saying “my dress.”

I may not be going to prom this year, but from seeing my friends and other girls shop for dresses can get a little crazy.

When shopping for dresses girls have to keep that thought in their head of “what if someone has my dress” or “someone better not buy the same dress as me.”

So far I already know a couple of girls that have the same dress, but they might not know that.

Having the same dress as someone is a girl’s worst nightmare. They want to be the only one wearing that dress and not have to worry about outshining the other girl in the exact same dress.

Girls spend so much money on their dress thinking that they’ve “claimed it,” but then coming to find out that someone else has that exact same dress. The girl would go crazy, she would scream, yell, have a heart attack and not know what to do with her life.

Not only does a girl have to worry about finding another dress, but they have to worry about wasting more money, which no one likes to do. It’s also going to take them so much more energy and effort into finding another perfect dress that they want and they look good in.

There’s no way to tell if someone will buy the same dress as you. Girls will go anywhere to buy a dress, like going to Boston or going all the way to shops that you think no one will go to, like some place in New York, which is a little bit crazy.

I’m sorry to say, but if you think you’ve “claimed” a dress, think again. Not everyone has social media, or even if they do, they might not even follow you. You just can’t assume that everyone knows you have that dress and if they come upon it in a store that they won’t buy it themselves. You just have to hope and pray no one else does and move on.