Sporting games take over

Sporting games take over

Stacia Papuga, Sports Editor

Going to the high school sporting games is probably the highlight of my day. I’d even go so far as to say it’s the highlight of my high school experience. Seeing students that I know or don’t even know play a game that they love and I enjoying watching makes it even better.

I practically go to every sports game I can get my dad to bring me to. I’m a dedicated fan, always showing support by cheering with other students at the games and even writing sports articles on the team or game for The Cub.

One of the hockey games that I went to was during the regular season game when Ludlow played Longmeadow. We had a great cheering section. I know some of the cheers weren’t “appropriate,” but hey, that’s the fun of cheering.

With cheering, everyone’s in it together. We are all brought together to support the team and I’m pretty sure it fires up the players to keep on going during the games.

Being able to come out and watch a game is great. I get so into the game and I always talk about what’s going on, from the players, to the plays, the score and even the competition, the list goes on.

I’ll come into school the next day always talking about last nights game and how crazy it was, if it was actually a good game.

I live for playing sports and watching them.