Bring spirit back to LHS

Alexis Gamache, Editor In Chief

When I was younger I wanted nothing more than to come to high school. I would watch TV shows and movies that would glorify the four years that were supposed  to be “the best four years of my life.” I was excited to be treated like an adult, to drive, and to make new friends. The one thing I was mostly excited for was the sporting events.

I would think about getting a group of friends together and heading out to watch the boys in maroon and white at the Friday night football games. I would picture sitting under the lights on a crisp fall night, as the cheerleaders would help the audience get excited as best as they could. I was also thrilled for the pep rallies that went along with every football game. Just like I read about and watched.

It’s safe to say that I was disappointed and very mislead.

I’ll just come right out and say it: due to the lack of pep rallies, our school definitely has a serious problem with school spirit.

 I’m not saying Ludlow High School does not do an amazing job supporting and representing our sports teams, because we do. However, couldn’t we just up the ante a little? Go the extra step to give the athletes of the school recognition they deserve?

I’ve only attended one pep rally my freshman year. It was held seventh period and the entire school was escorted to the football field bleachers. The sky was gray like the expressions on the student’s faces, who looked as if they would rather be sitting in their classroom, unamused. It started with a speech from the principal  at the time, Mrs. Flanagan. The rally proceeded with a couple competitions between the teachers and the student such as musical chairs and obstacle courses, then it was over.

Leaving the pep rally I was confused and kept thinking to myself, “Where were the cheerleaders who were supposed to get us pumped for tonight’s game?” I was expecting crazed Ludlow fans, cheering with excitement, instead it was dull.

I think I speak for the class of 2014 and most of the student body when I say, I want to remember and cherish my high school experience. I want to go out and see a sea of people with maroon and white painted on their faces and stomachs, coming together as a school to show what the  Ludlow Lions are made of.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the school took a couple Fridays just gather the students and get us excited for the sporting events that were taking place that weekend? It’s just the little things that would give our school the pep it needs, such as, getting the cheerleaders to perform or have the band play just to support to the athletes that will be representing our school.

It’s definitely not unrealistic. Grab your face paint, body paint, and get into the school spirit.