Finding the perfect prom dress

Lindsey Paradis, Editor-in-Chief

It has become that time of year when almost every girl at LHS is thinking about one thing and one thing only: prom. While the thought of a date might pass through the girl’s mind along with little details such as limo or no limo, what table she’s gonna be at, and what she wants to eat, the main thought that overtakes everything else is the dress.

For every girl out there the dress is probably the most important part of prom, the axis on which everything else rotates on. Her dress determines her hair, her nails, her date’s outfit, everything.

Because the dress is so crucial and so important every girl is fighting to find the perfect one. The scavenging starts months and months ahead of time as each girl scoures store after store to find the perfect dress.

In consequence when they do find the dress, girls mark their territory by posting a picture online as if to ward off any other girl that would dare by the same gown.

The question though, is what makes the perfect prom dress?

Should it be a dress that follows all the trends?

The thing is though, one type of dress doesn’t work for every girl. And, while you might want to wear the style everyone else seems to be sporting, it might not work for you.

Just because one type of dress looks good on someone else, it does not mean it I’ll look good on you too. It won’t fall the same way or accentuate your features the same.

So, instead of following the trend find something that compliments you and makes you feel comfortable.

You shouldn’t have to worry all night that your dress is un-flattering towards your stomach because it’s tight and clingy. You shouldn’t have to be constantly pulling up your dress because you’re uncomfortable with the fact it is strapless. And, you shouldn’t have to compare how you look to anyone else in the room: you should feel confident about yourself in your dress.

When picking a dress there is also another factor on top of style: the price. Dresses these days even for a prom are up there, you could easily spend 300 to 400 dollars on a prom dress.

The question is though, why should you or want to?
This is a dress you are most likely going to wear wear once, and on top of that you have to pay for hair, nails, a limo, and possibly your ticket. All the little things add up so you shouldn’t be spending so much money on one dress for one night.

There are ways to find prom dresses without excessively overspending. Many bridal stores have reasonably priced bridesmaid dresses that can easily and beautifully be worn as a prom dress.

There are also many websites that you can order from that have cheaper prom dresses that are still pretty and nice quality, such as Some of these websites even let you customize your size or return the dress if it does not live up to your standards.

Lastly, you can always wear that gown your friend or family member wore last year that you completely loved, getting something altered is way cheaper than buying a whole new dress.

So, in reality the perfect prom dress for everyone is different but instills the same feeling: confidence. But, confidence should never come at an excessive price.