When your bestfriends decide to date…. you become the third wheel

Chloe Forrant, Editorial Editor

I thought it would be a fantastic idea to set up my two best friends. They both complained about not having a “significant other” and often said that even at the age of 15 that they, “would never be able to find anyone and would be lonely forever.”
I tried to reason with both of them. After just getting out of a relationship, I told them to wait and find someone worth their time. Both of them didn’t want to listen. So, after trying to set them up with other people and watching it fail, a lightbulb went off in my head: I should just make them date each other!
So I gave them each other’s phone numbers and they talked for a good month. Then, they started hanging out and not texting me back. By that time, I realized I may have made a mistake, and I was already annoyed and frustrated with the two of them being together. I missed both of them way too much. Then things just got worse: They started dating.
Now don’t get me wrong, I love both of them to death. I’m really happy that they finally “found someone” and that their “lives will be fulfilled forever” but sometimes I just feel left out.
I used to hang out with them individually all the time. Now whenever I want to hang out with one of them, I have to hang out with both.
I miss when I would sleep over the girl’s house and we would talk all night and have a ton of fun and play sing-it like ten-year-olds and sleep on the floor after falling asleep watching a movie.
I miss my early morning runs with the boy, where we would talk about my boy problems and his girl problems. And then spend more than half the afternoon playing video games.
I don’t want to sound selfish,  I just miss both of them in different ways.
I know that mostly everyone can relate. I mean, most people do tend to “date” in their group of friends. And maybe it doesn’t affect people the way it is affecting me. But the other night I needed someone to talk to and I called both of them and, no surprise, they were with each other and were too busy to talk.
And what happens if they break up? That means I would have to choose sides, or try to help them both through the break up, or even have to bad talk the other! And since we have the same group of friends, what would happen when we all got together for our movie nights? And when we have birthday parties? And everything else we do as a group of friends.
I feel like we would have to invite either one of them, or deal with the awkwardness of what always happens when a couple in our groups of friends break up. And that awkwardness is not on my top ten list of things I want to have to deal with, especially when they’re two of your best friends.
I still love them, don’t get me wrong, and I like how they try to incorporate me in the things they do. But sometimes I just want alone time with either of them and between all the sports and us all having work, no one has time.
I want them to stay together and “live happily ever after” like they both want.
But I’m just saying, I’d better be the maid of honor at that wedding. a