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The common misconception of “dressing to impress”

I personally look forward to “dress to impress” day for two reasons: I can wear super comfortable dress pants to school without people thinking I’m a teacher and also the boys always look adorable in their shirts, ties, sweaters, etc.

However, this Tuesday I got the idea that many of you may not get the whole “dress to impress” concept.

Guys, you all looked fresh and shouldn’t take this personally. This is directed towards the young ladies of Ludlow High.

The point of this spirit day theme is to show off your personal pride. In the professional world you are expected to show up, be on time, and look professional. Stand up straight and hold your head up high. Look like a boss.

Essentially, you should be dressing as though you were going to an interview, or court, which some of you may be more familiar with.

Unless you are going to an interview at Hooters or The Magic Lantern, I’m not quite sure where you’d get the idea that throwing on a see-through mini skirt, low cut top, and stilettos would be appropriate.

I love Mr. Lee’s honors anatomy and physiology class as much as the next guy/girl. However, I don’t think I should be looking at female reproductive organs at any point during the school day unless it’s on one of his Powerpoints during 4th period.

My only question is that if it’s not appropriate for a normal school day, never mind an interview,  what makes you think that it would be appropriate attire to “impress” your teachers in?

With that being said, here is some advice I have for future occasions in which you need to “dress to impress”:

1. Even fingertip length may be pushing it in this case. Unless your dress or skirt hem falls right above your knee you should probably throw on a pair of tights. It’s well into the fall season, and not only was it cold out, most of legs have lost their summer tan anway. Plus, a pair of black or charcoal tights usually look adorable with a pair of ankle boots.

2. Don’t overdress. This isn’t prom or homecoming ladies.

3. How tight is too tight? If we can read the tags of your undergarments then you have your answer. Change.

4. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, would I wear this to go out clubbing? or would I wear this if I were dancing in a rap video? If you answered “yes” then you should probably change.

5. If your father drops dead of a heart attack after seeing what you’re wearing, you probably look like a hooch. Change.

It all comes down to having class and self respect. If you don’t already have it, I hope this has inspired you to find it.

You’re welcome.

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Alex Francisco
Alex Francisco, Sports Editor
Fresh off of a great summer spent by her pool or at the Cape every weekend, this sun-worshipper is back for one last year at LHS. Alex, Al, Franny, or any other nickname you can come up with may come off as a girly-girl based on her long brown hair or Hello Kitty obsession, but anyone who knows her will argue she’s just like another one of the guys. The only thing she enjoys more than watching ESPN is being on the beach with her cowboy hat, sunglasses, one of her thousands of bikinis, and her favorite Pandora playlist: Today’s Country Hits with John Mayer and Dave Matthews band variety (So relaxing!) You’ll catch her roaming the halls in a basketball jersey and her purple crocs, but as long as you don’t try to change the music playing in her car, Molly the Mazda, you won’t have any problems.

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