Oh My Godding: it’s the end

Samantha Godding, Editor-In-Chief

After countless hours and days spent in the halls and classrooms of LHS my time here is coming to an end.

When I look back on the past four years of my life I can’t help but feel like just the other day I was a freshman entering the doors of LHS for the first time.

Now, it’s time to take one last look around and soak up all the memories and events that have happened over four years of my life.

I mean think about it seniors, we have spent about 700 days with the same people, the same atmosphere and in the same place. And in just two short months we will be saying our final goodbyes…to LHS that is.

But instead of bawling your eyes out and feeling like it’s the end, think of it as a new beginning or a fresh start.

Just like high school, college will be filled with new friends, new adventures, and a whole new way of life (complete with freedom and independence).

I’m not saying to just leave Ludlow and never come back, I’m saying  face graduation with a positive attitude and a smile on your face. After four long hard years, you finally get to walk across the stage and show everyone the person you’ve become; a responsible and successful graduate of LHS.

High school was just one part of your life that helped shape the person that you have become.

All the hard tests, the good and the bad teachers, the memories with your friends, the laughs, the tears, and the stress will all be repaid on June 7th. That date doesn’t mark the end but it represents the beginning of something new.

So when you walk across the stage at UMASS decked out in your graduation cap and gown be happy, because finally you have made it.

Life is like a book, high school was just one chapter and now it’s time to move on to the next one.

Don’t have regrets, don’t be completely terrified, and think that it isn’t the end that it’s just the beginning.