PRO: Makes sense to lose April vacation

Steven Talbot, Sports Editor

The School Committee recently decided that, following the October snowstorm and consequent power outage, those missed school days would be made up for during what was to be April vacation.

Four days of the scheduled break will be changed to school days, followed by a long weekend.

From the Student Council to the other seniors at my lunch table, I don’t think I’ve heard one positive reaction to this decision, and I struggle to understand why that is.

The immediate complaint seems to be that, “they should have gotten rid of February break.” This complaint comes from those who forget quickly.

From Dec. 2010 until March of this year, nearly every week was shortened as a result of snow days. And, as October has hinted, this year’s storms won’t be any less harsh.

When it comes to bad weather, February is generally the heart of winter. If we kept April break in place, and eliminated four days in February, odds are that at least one of those days would turn into a snow day.

That’s a risk that we don’t run come mid-April. So when that week comes about, odds are we’ll have a definitive last day of school.

Perhaps it’s senioritis talking, but I personally don’t mind losing April vacation. We get half a month off in December, another week in February, and by the time we get back from that, we’re all on the fast track to the end of the year.

On top of that, the School Committee agreed to honor any pre-planned vacations, so long as the students make up the missed work. In essence, this alleviates a lot of the issue.

Sure, the kids on vacation will now have to deal with the burden of schoolwork, but it’s still better than sitting in a sweltering hot school doing the work at the end of June.

As for the kids who didn’t have plans, I don’t understand their complaints at all. If they didn’t have vacation plans, their day would have consisted of what, being with their friends? All of those people are going to be in school, anyways.

And for those who read that and thought, “Well I still don’t want to sit in school all day,” consider mid-April weather compared to late June.

Personally, I’m all for the School Committee’s decision. It just makes sense. The vast majority of those who complained probably didn’t consider what other options they had.

And as for those who still insist on complaining, and not wanting to come to school, maybe you should start saving up your absences.