The cons of Senior Patrol

Greg Cormier, Editorial Editor

Senior Patrol: the group of seniors selected to control the walking flow of the hall ways.There are 11 seniors who patrol who are separated throughout five locations with two stationed at each, plus one extra added to the first floor E-Wing.

With these locations being somewhat “patrolled,” the difference in traffic has not improved. The usual bunch-up of students and large backpacks still jam together to create a brick wall in the center of the halls.

So what exactly are these seniors really doing? Are they even doing their job? Well, in a sense, I believe they are attempting, but they just don’t know how to actually do it.

In my situation, I don’t believe other seniors can tell me where I can and can’t walk. In an underclassman’s situation, I would most likely listen to any seniors who patrol the halls. Yet, it seems as if this year, nobody is listening.

I believe the seniors who patrol the halls should have a voice instead of just a motionless body. The majority of the Senior Patrol members just simply stand in their place instead of having a verbal command of where to walk. Some seniors who patrol are just too soft spoken.

We need seniors who are loud in order to communicate with the walking students and direct them in the right direction. Standing across from their partner is not going to help traffic in the halls. It is just taking up more space.

Therefore, while taking up that space, they should be preventing hallway traffic and not just creating it. Maybe the seniors were just not chosen correctly. Maybe every student should have had an equal chance instead of one student choosing them.

Overall, the majority of Senior Patrol members are struggling to do their job, and hallway traffic has not improved. It may be time to elect a few new Senior Patrol members, or simply just find a new answer to this problem.