Give us our cellphones at lunch

Kaycee Pereira, Staff Writer

I think we’re all aware that lunch has absolutely no educational value, and in all reality, who can go a full school day without at least answering your new messages? Our new principal, Mrs. Nemeth, is completely on board with allowing cellphone usage during lunch periods.

Teachers constantly complain about students reaching in their purses or pockets in an attempt to text in secrecy. However, if we were able to text or make phone calls during lunch, it would likely decrease cell phone use throughout the remainder of the school day. Ultimately, students would be more focused in class, and teachers would not have to deal with the irritating vibrations nearly as much.

The main argument against using phones during class is the possibility of academic dishonesty. At lunch, what can a student possibly cheat on? The only thing people are trying to get ahead in during lunch, is the line.

There is no solid argument against students having their phones out at lunch, so the rule should be changed.

Being able to use cell phones during lunch would definitely benefit our learning. Instead of holding off on responding to our texts until that one class we all have that is easy to text in, we could wait until lunch without having to break any rules.