Junior skip day…?

Samantha Godding, Editor-in-Chief

We have all heard of the tradition of senior skip day, but now LHS juniors have decided to start their own tradition: Junior Skip Day. It’s a bad idea. Senior skip day is a senior tradition and juniors really have no right to start a skip day tradition of their own.

In our senior year we can look forward to senior skip day when the majority of the class skips school at some point in late spring and takes a trip to the beach. It’s a well deserved break after a very stressful year of applying to colleges, worrying about SATs, and passing the last of their high school classes. Juniors don’t have to deal with any of this.

Juniors still have one huge year of school left and still have to worry about maintaining good grades before applying to college.  Skipping school is not going to help their grades.  It’s too early to celebrate with a day off.  Seniors get to do it because they have accomplished and tackled high school; they are now adults and they can have a skip day but when juniors take it into their own hands and make their own skip day they are kind of saying that anyone can do it, making way for a possible sophomore and freshman skip day.

What’s next, sophomore skip day? How about he freshmen? Let’s stop messing with tradition.