Keep it classy; abandon the trashy

Keep it classy; abandon the trashy

Wearing shorts this short would violote the Ludlow High School dress code.

Lindsey Paradis, Photography Editor

Open the handbook.

Flip to dress code section.

“No tops with less one inch strap/no spaghetti straps.”

“No clothing containing messages or pictures alluding to alcohol, illegal substances, tobacco, drugs, nudity, violence, gang-related symbolism, offensive language, profanity and the like.”

“Pajama pants or lounge wear are prohibited. Parents will be contacted to bring in a change of clothes.”

“Shorts, skirts, or dresses should not be shorter than fingertip length when a student stands with arms fully extended downward.”

Close the book.

Here’s how it really goes

Receive the handbook from teacher.

Toss the handbook in trash on way out of class.

It’s not really necessary to flip through the pages of the LHS handbook; we all know the rules. Every time summer rolls around, though, multiple rules are broken. Though I’m not a stickler for the dress code, and I honestly believe some rules are ridiculous, some students should not be allowed to wear just anything they throw on.

The biggest culprit of getting girls in trouble makes its way onto the page that reads “shorts, skirts, or dresses should not be shorter than fingertip length when a student stands with arms fully extended downward.” This rule is both ridiculous and necessary at the same time. First, it’s hard to get stylish shorts at finger tip length for girls. Second, some girls have incredibly long arms so its an unfair judgement. Third, fingertip length really? Cover your butt, that’s the important thing here. As long as nothing is hanging out, you’re classy enough.

Then there are rules that should never be broken because no matter if your in school or out in public it’s considered trashy. “Necklines of shirts must be high enough not to show excessive cleavage.” Really? No one needs to see your breasts popping out; keep them in the shirt. “No see-through clothing.” With summer approaching and temperatures rising LHS students are desperate to cool off, but girls, that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to stop wearing tank tops under see-through clothing. We really do not need to see your lacy, hot pink bra.

I know girls are most commonly the ones breaking the dress code and are most often the ones complaining about it, but even guys break the rules. “Pants must be high enough on the hips so as not to expose underwear or skin.” Really guys, nobody wants to see your boxers.

You might be shaking your head saying the trashier things listed don’t really happen at LHS, and you might say that I’m exaggerating. I’m not. Look around at your fellow class mates or maybe at yourself and keep an eye out. There are students that have their butt hanging out of their shorts, that are showing the whole school the color of their bra, and exposing their boxers for all to see. Students, please abandon these habits and try to stay classy, not trashy.