Youth Sports: what happened to the fun?

Youth Sports: what happened to the fun?

The author (circa 3rd grade) when sports were fun.

Samantha Godding, News Editor

When we were kids sports were fun. I still remember going out for ice cream after the games, whether my team won or lost. However, since entering high school, sports are all about winning, winning and winning. Winning is what we all want, it’s what we all expect, and this has taken out the fun in sports. When we were kids it didn’t matter if we won or lost, we had fun, and that was the point.  Now there’s a competitive edge that killed the fun.

I do still enjoy sports but the fun we got to have when we were children is completely gone. It’s not even the desire of winning that has ruined the fun but it’s the way everyone looks at it. We all expect to win, we all want to win but there always is going to be a losing team. Every single time there will be a winner and a loser and that’s the way it goes. When we lose we get mad, mad at ourselves, mad at our coaches and mad at our team.  This concept of winning has caused the fun in sports to be hidden. Games are no longer fun because this idea of winning is embedded into everything that happens during a game; every play, every shot, every goal, every hit and every error or mistake is based on winning.

On Friday my team lost after 13 innings, by one run, and I am still mad about it, but why? I should be glad that my team was able to compete for so long because we all played 100%, but I’m not, I’m still devastated about a loss that happened last week. This game will haunt my team for the rest of the season, and it’s because of winning.

Not only are sports no longer fun but they are extremely time consuming. We play our sports about six days out of the seven day week, on top of going to school, doing homework, working and figuring out our futures. With all this time taken up by everything when it comes to sports it’s no longer fun because we do them so much on top of everything else.