National Honor Society Inducts New Members


Rory DiVenuto, Feature Editor

Each March the National Honor Society (NHS) inducts new members. This year’s ceremony took place on March 22. This year, 60 worthy students were welcomed into the society. The event was the Ludlow High School Chapter’s 73rd annual ceremony.

Mrs. Nemeth began the ceremony with a short speech, followed by Kate Wyllie outlining the importance of NHS. Then each officer gave a speech explaining the value of NHS: scholarship, community service, leadership, and character. From there, the new inductees were welcomed into NHS by veteran members. 

The rigorous requirements to get into NHS are as follows: two short-term community service projects that are at least two hours long; one long-term community service project of at least twenty hours; a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5; two teacher recommendations; a signed leadership form; proof of involvement in a school organization; and two short essays. 

The full list of inductees can be seen below:

Seniors – Caitlyn Authier, Rylen Cabey, Anthony Costa, Michael Costa, Alexander Dionne, Nicole Esempio, Kelsey Gilrein, Daudy Guerrero, Ebru Karaarslan, Emre Karaaslan, Alexa Lavigne, Aaron Little, Anjalina Lubarsky, Jessica Magee, Katie Malaquais, Lizette Mendez, Ashley Quiterio, William Reed, Alyxa-Ray Showalter, Madison Sunderland, Sofie Vital

Juniors – Emma Arocho, Enzo Botta, Piotr Budzyna, Isabella Cabral, Elena Chaplin, Niko Coelho, Logan Costa, Malina Dinis, Noelle Dionne, Emma Ellis, Taylor Foster, Nina Gomes, Hannah Goncalves, Abigayle Goncalves-Komy, Stephen Goodreau, Evan Jaworski, Allison Kehoe, Kaitlyn Lafond, Olivia LeClaire, Gabriela Machado, Gabrielle Mariani, John McClintock, Sayla McHale, Austin Moorhouse, Taylor Morton, Khruanha Naiyanan, Felicia Pacheco, Theryn Pelletier, Gabriella Piers, Melia Pirog, Sophie Provost, Elizabeth Richter, Amanda Riley, Rachel Roach, Ella Robak, Lexi-Mena Santucci, Brianna Saraiva, Marina Soja, Mary Zachara