The Bat Is Back


Allison Kehoe, Staff Writer

The bat from the A wing is back—and this time it’s in Mr. McAvoy’s room.

The bat was first noticed on Friday December 2 in Mr. McAvoy’s second period History of American Popular Music class. 

Students are concerned about the likelihood of the bat returning. “I think it’s interesting that the bat is back in school, and clearly there’s a place where bats are able to get in, and we need to fix that issue,” said senior Olivia Guerin.

Bats often use buildings as a safe haven. The bat has been found clinging to the corners of the walls, and seems to prefer the A wing to anywhere else in the school.

Bats also utilize their toenails to take hold of rough surfaces to hang on. This is likely why the bat decides to cling to the rougher walls of the school. The bat also chooses corners so they have more surface area to keep their grip on. 

Some students are in opposition to the bat’s removal. Senior Maggie Ayers says “let the bat live,” while Jadyn Neiford says that, as long as the bat doesn’t have rabies and isn’t hurting anyone “Let the bat live its best life.” 

The bat will likely be gotten rid of over the weekend like it was the last time, but once more we hope the bat will be safe and healthy when it departs the school again.,start%20of%20a%20new%20beginning