NHS Sends Out Invitations By GPA — More Requirements To Follow


Andrew Lynch, News Editor

The National Honors Society has sent out invitations to qualifying Juniors and Seniors. To qualify, students must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher; however, to be admitted into the NHS, the requirements are a bit more stringent: 

  • A 3.5 GPA 
  • Participate in two school sports/clubs (one must be current)
  • Have two short term volunteer projects completed 
  • Have one long term volunteer project 
  • Secure two recommendations from teachers
  • Write two essays: one on leadership, one on a proposed community service project
  • The application must outline leadership, character, service
  • Signatures will be required for all volunteer hours/activities to verify participation 

To many, this email has brought great joy to their existence. Roniel Taveras gleefully exclaimed, “it’s rather exciting. It’s a great privilege to be given; I couldn’t help but take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity.” He also happily added that the privilege of donning the blue NHS sash upon graduating would be a great byproduct of his enrollment within the organization. 

More information regarding this will be delivered by Mrs. Stratton and Mrs. Sands during an informational assembly detailed in the invitation.