Class of 2024 Takes Fall Fest Spirit Week

Pictures taken by Taylor Morton, article written by Rory Divenuto, and published by Jessica Trajkovski.




Ludlow High School’s Fall Fest Spirit Week is the perfect way to kick off the year, it brings grades together and creates some friendly competition. This year’s Fall Fest festivities began on October 17 and lasted until October 22. 

Spirit Days

Day one of Fall Fest was neon day, the halls were lined with brightly-dressed students as the week started with a bang. Juniors started the week strong, pulling off the win with 4 percent more of students dressed in neon. Seniors pulled a close second with 33 percent, sophomores received third place with 31 percent, and freshmen came in last with 27 percent of students dressed up. 

Day two of spirit week filled the halls with fall flannel. The class of 2023 received the first win of their high school spirit weeks with 66 percent of students dressed in plaid. Juniors received second place with 65 percent, sophomores received third with 62 percent, and freshmen received fourth with 50 percent of students in flannel. 

Wednesday was Adam Sandler day at Ludlow High School; students were dressed in their best athletic shorts and baggy t-shirts with true Sandler style. Seniors once again took first place with a whopping 80 percent of students dressed up. Juniors took second place with 73 percent, sophomores took third with 63 percent, and freshmen took fourth with 46 percent. 

Day four of spirit week brought on school spirit with maroon and white day. Juniors took first place with 70 percent of students dressed up, seniors took second with 63 percent, sophomores took third with 57 percent, and freshmen took fourth with 53 percent of students in school colors.

Friday was the last dress-up day of Fall Fest, class color day. Freshmen wore blue, sophomores wore purple, juniors wore green, and seniors wore red. The class of 2024 pulled off another with 69 percent of their class in green. Seniors were rewarded with second place for 58 percent of their students being dressed up. Freshmen received third with 56 percent, and sophomores received fourth with 53 percent. 

Friday Night Lights

Friday was also the homecoming football game against Chicopee High School. During the game, each grade hosted a tent with decorations, activities, and snacks. The class of 2026 hosted an 80s-themed tent, with bright lights pizza, and candy. The sophomore tent was wild-west themed. The class of 2024 hosted a Christmas party at their tent, they served pancakes and hot chocolate, played Christmas music, and even included Santa. The senior tent hosted a backyard barbeque with soccer moms and barbeque dads. They held backyard games. The tent competition has three parts: best use of class color in a tent, best tent activities, and best tent overall. Juniors took both the best use of color award and the best tent award, seniors took the award for best tent activities. 

At half-time, students faced off in the annual four-way tug of war. The grueling game lasted several minutes, with sophomores coming out victorious. When asked about losing to the sophomores, Torcato Zina, a senior said, “I mean we’ve won more than we lost.”


On Saturday, October 22, the Ludlow High School Cheerleaders hosted the second-annual homecoming dance. The Fish and Game club was decorated with fairy lights and fall decor. Music played and people were dressed to the nines. “”It was good,” said junior Luca Martins, “I think people enjoyed themselves and cared less about other people’s opinions.”

The Results

Like all good things, Fall Fest must come to an end. Throughout the week, each grade earned points based on their participation in activities, competitions, and dress-up days. By the end of the week, freshmen had received 8 points, putting them in fourth place. Sophomores received third place with 21 points, seniors received second place with 26 points, and juniors took the win with 29 points. Each grade will have another shot at receiving more points during Ludlow High School’s annual Winter Spirit Week in December. However, as of right now, juniors are in the lead for the great Battle of the Classes.