2022 Prom Review 


Nicole Esempio, Guest Writer

What is the most romanticized event in the life of a high school student? 

Without a doubt, the answer is prom.

Everything about the night is meant to be magical, from finding the perfect dress to the limousine ride home, nothing can go wrong – I mean, have you ever watched High School Musical? 

After our own recent prom night, I reflected on this as the limo rolled up to our final destination after leaving the Log Cabin. I had such a great time, but still, I imagined how much better next year’s prom could be.  With that in mind, I asked juniors Carlie Schwartz, Kate Wyllie, and class advisor Mrs. Amanda Nascin, about their experiences at the 2022 prom. They have many ideas about how next year’s prom can go down in history as Ludlow’s best prom yet. 

Ludlow High School upperclassmen look forward to prom all year– hair appointments are made months in advance, dress shops are frantically searched, and promposals are nervously made. But now that the night has passed and the buzzing around school has ended, let’s take a moment to bring light to the night many of us will look back on for years to come. 

Behind the scenes 

In the months leading up to prom, many start to search for the perfect dress, one that showcases their personality and is also comfortable enough to have fun on the dance floor. The students start an Instagram page where everyone attending prom can post their dresses so that they can ensure their dress remains unique to them.  As we count down the days to prom, the page fills up with a wide variety of colorful dresses just waiting to have their moment to shine. Finding the perfect dress, however, is only the beginning of the hard work put in behind the scenes. Prom is planned by our class officers and advisors who do everything in their power to create the best possible atmosphere. 

Kate Wyllie, Class Representative, NHS President, and future Class Treasurer, said that “the hardest part of prom planning is dealing with ticket sales and table arrangements” from meal choices to seating charts, the behind the scenes action deserves more attention. Wyllie urges next year’s planning committee to think of the details long before prom, because working out issues last minute is stressful and time-consuming.

With proper preparation, students can enjoy the night with no worry. Nascin, a PE teacher and Class of 2023 advisor here at Ludlow High School, advises future committee members to “not sweat the small stuff” at the end of the night all that matters is that we made it a night to remember, and I can say with confidence, that was accomplished this year at the Log Cabin.  


As we know this year’s prom was at the Log Cabin in Holyoke. Our limo pulled up to the front entrance and Mass Live snapped pictures of all the groups as they walked in while the beautiful patio and dining room awaited us. Right outside the dining room doors, a mirror displayed the seating chart and everyone crowded around to see the beautiful calligraphy. We moved past the mirror into the main room to be overwhelmed with joy. The tables were decorated with floral centerpieces and confetti as the wait staff served flavorful beverages and we scrambled to look at everything that caught our eye.  Attendees gathered outside to take stunning sunset pictures and mingle with their classmates. 

Schwartz, said that her favorite part about prom was “being able to have a good time with all my friends” and I truly think the Log Cabin allowed for the best possible environment. After all the phones were put away and pictures were taken, students moved to the photo booth to capture a fun moment with their friends. There were creative props and signs to add flare to the pictures and the iconic picture strips were printed so that we could save them for a lifetime. As people continued to enter the photo booth and dinner was finished everyone made their way to the dance floor. The DJ knew exactly what to play to get the crowd going and undoubtedly everyone there was dancing the night away. 

Wyllie even said “I feel our DJ perfectly matched and enhanced the energy of the students” and I couldn’t have said it better myself. 


A few days prior to prom, students were asked to select a meal with the choice of chicken, steak, or even a vegetarian option. Although the prom has been very popular among the students, the food seemed to disappoint most. Schwartz and Wyllie both said the food was their least favorite part of the prom, and Schwartz added that she would have liked a “broader menu” going on to describe the options at Wilbraham Monson’s prom which she also attended. 

Although this was the most disliked part of prom, there was not much the planning committee could do to change it. “ It was uncontrollable to the planning committee, but I know many students weren’t pleased with the options presented to them.” Wyllie added. Despite the disappointment at the dinner table, I think other aspects of the prom more than made up for it. 


If you are planning next year’s prom or want to get involved, then listen up. There were so many positive things everyone had to say about prom, the DJ, the venue, and the atmosphere, but there were some things that would make Prom 2023 even better. Many people said they wished the prom was longer, by the time 10:00 p.m. rolled around, the teachers practically had to drag us off the dance floor.

 “I’ve never seen that many people stay so late, usually classes leave after an hour,” Nascin added. 

When asked “ If you could add one thing to the prom next year what would it be?” Nascin gave an exciting option, she said “There should be a fire pit outside to roast smores.”  I think this would not only add to the atmosphere, but it would add to the dining experience as well. The bottom line seems to be that the hard work of our tireless planning committee and advisors were well rewarded with a great prom enjoyed by all.  Music and atmosphere won the evening, overcoming bland food. So yes, one of the best things about prom was the dancing and the music, but if we could ask for one special thing from the planning committee for next year, it’s that we get a bigger dance floor. It’s only fair that we get to show off our moves on the most important night of senior year.