Lions Pride Announces Spring Spirit Week

Spring Spirit Week is back, but it looks a little different than normal.


The class of 2023 during the 2019 Powder Puff game.

Leo Laguerre, Editor-in-chief

On March 14, the Lions Pride Google Classroom (code: gd5xuws) announced that Spring Spirit Week is making its long-awaited return. The spirit week, which runs from April 11 to April 14, consists of dress-up days, fundraisers, and events for classes to earn points in the Battle of the Classes. This will be the first true Spring Spirit Week since 2019, and so many students at LHS have never experienced it before. 


The four dress-up days for this spirit week are very similar to those from previous spirit weeks. They are as follows: 

Monday, April 11: Wear Red, White, and Blue (period 1 call-down)

Tuesday, April 12: Wear Tie Dye (period 2 call-down)

Wednesday, April 13: Wear Maroon and White (period 3 call-down)

Thursday, April 14: Class Color Day (call-down on the way to the Pep Rally)


In addition to dress-up days, Penny Wars is making a return. This fundraiser pits all four classes against each other in order to raise money for a worthy cause. Pennies count as one point, while  silver coins have negative point values equivalent to their monetary value. Each class has their own bucket, and students can put pennies into their class’s bucket and silver coins into opposing classes’ buckets. Penny Wars lasts from Monday, April 11 to Wednesday, April 13, so be sure to bring in your coins while you can. 


Pep Rallies will make their triumphant return as well. While a pep rally was originally scheduled for winter spirit week, it was ultimately canceled due to logistical reasons. The spring Pep Rally will be held outside at the field from 8:30am-10:30am and, according to the flyer, will include activities such as “coin toss, relay race, field goal kicking contest, Angry Birds, musical chairs, and Tic Tac Toe.” To sign up for these events, contact your class officers.


Unlike previous Spring Spirit Weeks, Powder Puff is making a return. Traditionally scheduled during the Fall Spirit Week, it was unable to be held due to logistical concerns that have since cleared up. During this event, girls play flag football and the boys stay on the sidelines and act as cheerleaders. The Freshmen will take on the Sophomores on Wednesday, April 13 at 6:00pm and the Juniors will battle the Seniors at 7:00pm later that night. In addition to these games, there is a four-way class tug-of-war between both of the games. It costs $45 to sign up for Powder Puff if you don’t have a jersey and $5 if you do have a jersey. See Mrs. Ollquist in room D101 for more information. 


All of the dress-up days, fundraisers, and events that will take place during Spirit Week will be scored and added to the point totals for the Battle of the Classes. Between all the events there are a lot of points on the line, and the title of Battle of the Classes Champions is still up for grabs. Regardless of which class wins, students will be happy to experience Spring Spirit Week for the first time in years.