Seniors prepare letters for Class Night

Kellie Salmond, Staff Writer

LHS seniors must submit their letters to their parents no later than May 10 for Class Night, which will be held on May 23.

Class Night is a time for the seniors and their parents to reflect back on how far they have come leading up to graduation. Seniors will know if they have been awarded with scholarships, as well as enjoy a slideshow of memories.

Seniors were asked to submit baby pictures as well as their senior pictures so they can compare the two on Class Night. Baby pictures and senior pictures were sent class of 2019 advisors through email.

At the end of class night, the seniors will present their parents with letters thanking them for all they have done. These letters can include anything from the struggles they have faced to a simple thank you for all the support.

Once the letters are complete, the seniors can submit them to Mrs.Valentine in room D206. Seniors will only receive tickets for their parents to attend Class Night if they have turned in a letter.

According to the senior activity sheet, Mrs. Valentine says “There’s absolutely no exceptions for students to get tickets without a letter being turned in.”

Seniors can see Mrs.Valentine with any questions they may have regarding Class Night and letters to their parents.