“Pride Week” begins April 9


Briana Deferreira, Staff Writer

As Pride week is fast approaching many LHS students find themselves excited for the chance to compete against the other classes.

Pride week is held from Monday April 7th to Friday April 13th and during this week every class is asked to participate in the following:

  • Monday -Inside out or backwards day
  • Tuesday – Superhero day
  • Wednesday- Twin day
  • Thursday-  Animal print or animal pictures day
  • Friday-  Class color day

During Pride week students are encouraged to bring in gently used clothes and non perishable food items for donation. This will not only count for extra points towards spirit week but also allows students to help others who are in need.

Many Ludlow High students are excited for the upcoming Pride week hoping that their class will win.

Senior Kayleigh Croteau says her “favorite day is class color day” and that “the seniors will definitely win” Pride week.

Fellow senior Theresa Dzierwinski says that her favorite day is superhero day while classmate Lukasz Lewandowski disagrees saying that superhero day is his least favorite and “animal print day sounds the best.” Both agree that the seniors will be the ones to win Pride week.

Junior Darren Peabody said that his “favorite day is class color day” because “there’s something about your whole class flooding the hallway with one color that makes you feel unified as one.” He says that “the juniors are aiming to be number one this year.”

Sophomore Jasmine Ferreira says that she “likes superhero day” the best and that “probably the seniors” will be the ones to win spirit week.

Freshman Jackie Doucette said that her favorite day from the week was class color day.