Extensive vandalism leads to locked bathrooms

Brianna Deferreira, Staff Writer

Due to extensive vandalism committed by students, all of the bathrooms at LHS have been locked except for the one in the D wing across from Mr. Michael Halpin’s office.

Janitors have found “toilet paper stuffed in urinals,” according to Halpin, along with items being torn off of the walls.

According to Mrs. Linda Courtney, unidentified students have been ripping off paper towel dispensers as well as doors to the stalls, causing a significant amount of damage to the bathrooms in addition to a lot of extra work for the custodians.

“It’s stupid. If I have to go to the bathroom I don’t want to wander around the school to go,” says senior Rachael Picard.

Halpin said that “the vandalism is a shame” and he’s  not sure why students would destroy the bathrooms “when they’re the ones who have to use it.” The bathrooms won’t be open again “until they’re repaired” and administration has “come up with a plan so it doesn’t happen again.”

Halpin encourages students to come forward “and rat out who ever did it” saying that the “students need to take the school back.”