College “Instant Decision Day” set for Dec. 5

Kellie Salmond, Staff Writer

LHS students have the opportunity to meet with four different colleges on Dec. 5 to gain instant admission and identify any scholarship opportunities. The colleges are American International College, Bay Path University, Western New England University, and Elms College.

The purpose of this event is so students can reduce the college acceptance process to just one day. Each college has a list of requirements; once that list is completed students can bring materials to guidance and they will provide an interview spot.

Senior Guidance counselor Tesha Ward thinks this is a great opportunity because students can receive a decision that day and maybe receive scholarships.

”Last year students received “$430,000 total in scholarships,” says Ward. Guidance typically has between 40 and 50 students sign up for this event.

Senior Libby Murphy has signed up to participate in decision day. Murphy said she decided to do decision day because it seemed like a good opportunity to get ahead on the college admissions process.

“It’s a great way to apply to local school and void application fees,” she says. Murphy hopes to be accepted into Elms College and Bay Path University.

Forty students will be participating in decision day on Dec 5 in hopes to be accepted into college and earn thousands of dollars in scholarships.