Mayflower Marathon Returns to LHS


Anna Orlandi, Feature Editor

High schools across Western Mass compete to bring in the most nonperishable goods during the Mayflower Marathon fundraiser each year. Until Nov 21, students can bring in cans that will be donated to the Open Pantry and distributed to the Springfield area.

Teachers across LHS are participating in the event to help increase contributions. Some are incentivizing the cans, rewarding students with bonus points after donations.

Statistics teacher Aderito Pires usually receives the most nonperishable food items. This year Pires’ goal is to reach 1000 cans, but he has received over 1600 in past years.

Senior Ashley Krupa thinks incentives are a great idea and plans to bring in cans to her AP Calculus class. “It’s a good way to get the student body involved and give back to the needy within our community.”

The National Honor Society is hosting a Dough Raiser event at Uno’s Pizzeria on Boston Road to gain even more support. From Nov 16 to 18, 20% of students’ checks will be donated to the Open Pantry.

LHS’ donation has won first place among participating high schools for the past six years. NHS Treasurer Hannah Martin reveals that “we are looking to continue our winning streak and help raise food for those in need.”

Last year’s record donation was just over $10,000, but Martin is hopeful it can be surpassed. She not only encourages students to participate in the cause, but also calls for teachers to create incentives.