LDAA sells season sport passes


Anna Belculfine, Editor-in-Chief

Are you sick of waiting in the long ticket line? Do you go to a lot of LHS home games? Would you like to save some money? If so, the LDAA Lions Den Athletic Association student sport pass will come in handy.

For the cost of $20, students can purchase a pass that will get them into any home game for any sport or season, besides hockey. Along with the purchase of a sport pass, a free ¨Maroon Maniacs” T-shirt is included.

¨Sarah Stephenson originally came up with the idea, she asked if there was a way for a less expensive pass,¨ says Athletic Director Tim Brillo.

Brillo further explains that it is second full year with these passes and that he believes it is worth the money.

For students who go to home games often, the cost is $3 each game, which adds up quickly. For parents, the cost goes up to $5. After 6-7 games, students would already be paying as much as it costs for a pass and they only have to pay once.

Junior Jenna Thompson is one of the many students who has purchased a sport pass.

¨My whole family got passes because it’s a lot easier and cheaper to just show a pass and get into any home game, rather than paying every time,¨ said Thompson, whose mother and father go to many home games throughout the school year.