Senior final exam schedule conflicts with AP test


Lauren Dutton, Sports Editor

Both the LHS senior final exams and several Advanced Placement exams are scheduled for the same week — May 11, 2018 — causing a conflict for many students.

“It worries me because both finals and AP exams require a lot of studying to get a satisfactory grade,” says senior Lauren Teixeira, who would need to take AP Biology on May 14, the second day of Ludlow’s final exam.

Many students also need to sit for the calculus exam on Tues, May 15.

Teixeira said that the AP exam is more important to her because it saves time and money in college. “I don’t want to reschedule the AP exam because I have to prepare for this all year and I have to pay for the test. This is inconvenient for me and it’s not fair. I want the administration to reschedule the exams for the afternoon or cancel them altogether.”

The school’s administration did not say they would reschedule the senior exams, but did comment on the AP tests.

“AP exams are national tests; we don’t schedule them. They are already set by the national schedule,” says Vice Principal Nancy Kurty.

She further explained that it was difficult to schedule around the national tests and that some seniors may be double booked with exams..

“If [seniors] face conflict, they can make up certain exams at certain times,” she said.