Senior Field Trip

Hayley Procon, Staff Writer

Senior year is flying by for the class of 2017 with college acceptances, senior show planning, and choosing the senior field trip. Even though a vote was taken, it is not clear where the class will be going for its trip, according to class representatives.

The student advisory presented three options: Brownstone Exploration and Discovery park, a night game at Fenway park, and a boat cruise on Lake George. For the past few years the senior class has gone to Brownstone, but with graduation being June 1st, and the last day of finals on May 10th, the advisors thought the experience wouldn’t be as enjoyable.

“Fenway would be better because we have options, instead of Brownstone where we can only swim,” says senior Casey Lanza-lang.  

The class voted and Brownstone won by 85 votes, followed by Fenway with 77 and Lake George with 30. Even though Brownstone won by eight votes, many are calling for a revote.

“I want a revote because the numbers were so close and it’s unfair to the people who didn’t vote and the kids who chose Lake George,” says class representative Sarah Stephenson.  

On the day of the voting, 20 students did not vote and the 30 who chose Lake George now don’t have a say in the top two choices. Some students are already saying that they won’t be attending the field trip if it’s to Brownstone.

“I don’t want to go, I think it’s too early in the year. They’re opening two weeks early for us and the water’s going to be freezing,” says senior Jen Plamondon. “Boston would have better options for the kids who don’t want to swim or zipline.”

Along with freezing water, Brownstone will be the most expensive option out of the three.

“Someone complained about Brownstone so much that administration wants to take out the option of Brownstone and the Red Sox game,” says class representative Matt Jordan.

The Red Sox game might be affected by weather and is thus considered by many a bad option.
With Brownstone and Fenway out of the picture that only leaves Lake George as the only option and is most likely going to be the senior field trip.