Super Senior Sale on Yearbooks


Billy Reno, Staff Writer

Attention all seniors: if you purchase your yearbook before Dec. 1 you can get it for only $20, which is $40 less than the going price of $60. The theme of the yearbook this year is “Capturing Memories.”

“Yearbook editors worked in conjunction with class officers and advisers from the class of 2017 to make this happen,” says yearbook adviser Ms. Amber Kumpulanian.

The Yearbook staff decided that a good use of class funds would be to pay for a portion of every senior’s yearbook.

“Many seniors can’t afford yearbooks even though we scaffold the price every year starting the price at $60, then $70, then finally the true price of $90,” she says.

Students are raving about the great deal for the yearbook this year, especially senior Connor Thompson.

“Oh my God it’s the best thing ever,” he says.

Ms. Kumpulanian hopes the offer will prompt more sales.

“We hope this severely discounted price allows students to take advantage of one of the few high school memories they will have for their lifetime,” says Kumpulanian.