Classes plan Winter Spirit Week shirts


Autumn Haggerty, Staff Writer

If you haven’t already, show your support by buying your class shirt.

The freshman shirts are still a work in progress, while still keeping most of the design they are adding a special addition to the back.They are only $12 in sizes from extra small up to 3x large. The shirts are available to buy until the deadline which was extended to Nov 22.

“We hope that the freshman class gets involved in class activities,” says freshman class advisor Tracey Blair.

The sophomores shirts are no longer available to purchase but are coming in Dec 14, and will be ready to use for the December spirit week. The red t-shirts will be made with a higher-quality “triblend” cotton mix this year.

“I love the shirts,” said sophomore class advisor Charlie Cangemi. “There very high quality and I think all sophomores are going to love them.”

The seniors shirts are completed and still avalible to order. The deadline for the t-shirts is December 6. The shirts cost $15 for students who have not paid their four years of dues, and for seniors who have paid all four years get their t-shirt for free. The design was made by Sarah stephenson, and is a black long sleeve with their class color purple.

“I think that the students designing the t-shirts themselves is a great idea and as advisors, all we really want to do is facilitate this process and let the students decide,” says senior class advisor Leah Cook.