Government Club Takes LHS in Record Numbers


Hayley Procon, Staff Writer

With politics getting a rise in the younger generations, seniors Sarah Stephenson and Abby Anselmo thought it would be a great idea to start the very first Government club here at LHS.

“I started Government club because I knew that kids in the school had an interest in politics, and it would be fun to discuss outside of the classroom,” says Stephenson.

The club founders also hope for participants to become active participants in the political process.

“I think it’s good for adolescents to become aware of problems and form their own political ideas instead of their parents,” adds Anselmo.

Politics are becoming more and more popular in today’s generation, mainly because of the two candidates running in this year’s election. With new scandals popping up left and right kids have so much input on our future presidents. In a classroom, discussion of politics can be touchy. Some kids and teachers have beliefs that aren’t what other kids believe. It can end up looking like one of the presidential debates.

Government club plans to make students more aware of the politics going on in our country without too much of a commitment. The club began with record numbers with a whopping 30 kids attending the first meeting. Like student council the members of Govt. club have executives but instead of school issues they debate and discuss real life issues. For example, in their first meeting they held an election for multiple executive positions such as president, VP, secretary, etc. The members are learning more and more about democracy by actually having their own government.

In their next meeting on Nov. 9th they plan to discuss the election and the questions on the ballot. The whole idea of Govt. Club is to help kids establish their own opinions on the political issues in our world, rather than learning them from their parents or the biased media.

Govt. Club also plans to have a field trip to the State House in Boston, MA to get a tour and meet Governor Baker.  

To join Govt. club contact President: Sarah Stephenson, VP: Abby Anselmo, or Secretary: Jacob Eberli.