Seniors excused from school for college visits


Sarah Stephenson, Editor-in-Chief

While the sophomores and juniors are taking the PSAT’s on Wednesday Oct. 19, seniors can take the day to visit colleges. Seniors are allowed to take one day out of the year to visit schools as an excused absence, but are encouraged to go on Oct. 19.

“I think that it’s important that you start thinking about what your plan is for after high school and it’s a good way to see what’s out there,” said senior Guidance Counselor Tesha Ward.

To certify that you visited a college you must receive either a postcard or note from the Admissions Office saying that you were at the school. Once you receive your note bring it to the main office.

“It’s a great idea to give students an excused absence to visit colleges because most colleges only offer tours during the school week so it is hard to visits,” said senior Jacob Eberli, who is visiting Northeastern University on Wednesday.

The PSAT testing lasts from period one to period four. Periods five through seven will run as usual. Seniors who don’t plan on visiting a school will have to come to school for normal time and will be placed in the auditorium to watch movies until the PSAT ends.