“Creepy Clowns” Head Towards Ludlow Area


Ben Taylor, Sports Editor

The “Creepy Clowns” have been frightening citizens around the United States of America and are supposedly making their way to the town of Ludlow.

Students often use their time in the hallways talking about how they might see a clown and want to see one. Such as making plans to go “clown hunting” and going to places where clowns on social media say they would be. Others want nothing to do with them.

“I don’t like them,” says senior Connor Thompson, “because I believe that all they want is attention from everybody so the best thing to do is to just ignore what they are doing so that they won’t get any recognition from it.”

Teachers feel that the clowns will soon be nothing and this trend will pass eventually.

“Everything comes and goes,” says Ludlow math teacher Adérito Pires, “It’s just a phase; it’ll pass, they [trends] always do.”

Teachers have ideas about these types of acts because of what they deal with within a day, like the Yik Yak incident two years ago. A Police Officer would know more about the clown epidemic because they deal with different types of criminals and innocent people.

“Our main objective is to continue to investigate the situation,” says Ludlow High School’s Resource Officer Thomas Lee, “We [police force and school district] will maintain an awareness and maintain public protection.”

Children, teenagers and adults with Coulrophobia (fear of clowns) will have a problem because children, teens and adults will be too scared to even go outside because they are afraid of a clown being close by.

“The clown costume will probably rise in sales for Halloween,” says Lee, “We [police] will have to address it accordingly.”

The first tweet on twitter is an old tweet and people keep retweeting and liking it so it becomes popular again. The rest are just “copycats” of the original idea of the “Creepy Clown.”