A Splash of Dye in Ludlow High

Bryanna Ferreira, Staff Writer

The seniors won Tie Dye Thursday. Even though the seniors won today the sophomores didn’t “dye” out after their win yesterday. The Class of 2019 finished in second. The juniors came in third and, as usual, the freshmen finished last.  

Many students think that tie dye day is the most difficult spirit day. “Not many people own tie dye. We should have a day where our whole class stays after school to make tie dye shirts,” says sophomore Sydney Howard.

Other students feel as though tie dye day is a fun excuse to have a good time making t-shirts. Sophomore Brianna Monsalve wore a tie dye shirt that she made at a tie dye party with her friends specifically for this spirit week day.

It’s not very surprising that the freshmen came in last because their result was the same each spirit day so far. Freshman Olivia Fernandes says that she’s disappointed with her class because they’ve been doing so poorly. “Not many people even tried to wear tie dye,” she says.

For the juniors, third place is really disappointing. I spoke with a junior staff writer, Lauren Teixeira, who told me, “We didn’t put in maximum effort. We need to lead as an example for the freshman and sophomores.”

The first spirit week of the school year will end tomorrow. The theme honors our school’s colors, maroon and white.