Spanish Classes Host Fair

Anna Belculfine, Staff Writer

The Spanish classes will be hosting their first ever Spanish fair on April 29 from 5-7 p.m. free of charge.

This fair will include exhibits, dance performances, and food. There will be a total of 15 Spanish speaking country exhibits that were created by students in class, and four dance performances. Caribbean and other international foods will be served.

“My hope is that the Spanish Fair is a great success for students, teachers, really the school community. Students did an excellent job in creating exhibits that reflect their topic of choice based on the country assigned,” says Spanish teacher Meyleen Sierra.

The different types of dance performances are merengue, reggaeton, traditional, and zumba.

“I’m dancing in one dance called la muralla and I’m pretty excited to just have fun and celebrate my Hispanic culture at the same time,” says Junior Natanael Feliciano.

Students and teachers have been working hard to make this fair a big success. Also, that it will be educational and entertaining night for students and their families.

“This fair is a good way for students to learn about different Spanish cultures and how they’re all different,” says freshman Bryanna Ferreira.

In class, students have been making numerous things for this fair such as trifolds and displays.

All of the students worked hard on their exhibits on Spanish-speaking countries and learned a lot in the process, not only academically but artistically as well,” says Sierra.

These exhibits aim to not only educate, but to also promote the Spanish language study and travel.