Students pick classes for next year

Kaitlyn Peters, Staff Writer

Guidance counselors visited grades 9 through 11 classrooms the week of Feb. 1 to assist students with picking classes for next year. Selections will be made on Feb. 10.

Next year students have a few options that were not available in the past, particularly from the Business and Technology Department.

According to Linda Courtney, Department Head From Business and Technology, the school will offer a new course called “Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles.”

The course will “introduce students to the foundational concepts of computer science.” Students in the course are required to pay for and take the AP exam in May. Students who pass the exam can earn college credits while still in high school.

Another new offering is “Entrepreneurship” which “focuses on academic skills, management concepts, and practices and personal traits entrepreneurs need.”

Additionally, some other new classes include: Honors Accounting, and internet and Web Page Design.  

The Art Department is improving some of the old art courses, which include: “Art Through The Ages” and “Printmaking.”

“Art Through The Ages” brings students back in time by “surveying a variety of works from Prehistoric times in the Post Modern Era.” The students can study the history of art and learn how to look at art from the past that could’ve influenced art today.

“Printmaking” now also takes an insight on the history of printmaking and and explores the basic techniques of printmaking.

The Band Department also received some new courses and improved some of their older courses.

The new course given to The Band Department is the full year “Wind Ensemble,” which is the prerequisite of the full year LHS Concert Band. The course will “focus on the study of advanced band literature with a primary objective of developing high quality performance and listening skills.”

Some of the improved and courses include “Concert Band,” “Music Theory,” and “Band Instrument Studio.”