Senior Patrol takes on LHS hallways


Seniors Timothy Cardaropoli and Shawn Urban managing the D/E wing intersection

Kaitlyn Peters, Staff Writer

At the beginning of the school year, new senior students of the Leading Lions have been chosen to become part of the student patrol.

The patrol is made up of seniors Sydney Scyocurka, Lia Fialho, David Modzelewski, Shannon Alexio, Shawn Urban, Luis Fialho, Gabriella Dias, and Timothy Cardaropoli.

“My sister did it when she was senior and my friends are doing it, so it seemed like fun,” says Lia Fialho, who patrols the main staircase with Sydney Scyocurka. “Once people figure out how the hallways work I think it’s beneficial.”   

While student patrol is intended to speed up the flow of foot traffic, some  students believe that it is pointless and does nothing but crowd the hallways even more.

“It is stupid; they don’t help at all,” says freshman Brianna Walas, “all they do is yell at people for going the wrong way.”

But members of the patrol believe that it is a good system to keep the traffic in the hallways flowing smoothly.

“It is beneficial because it helps people move through the halls faster and get to their destination,” said Scyocurka, who patrols the main staircase on the first floor.