Freshmen take lead in Battle of the Classes


Seniors pose in red, white, and blue before it was announced that they came in second place to the freshmen. From left to right: Devin Senerchia, Brooke Dias, Lia Fiahlo, Samantha Van Wart. and Max Casagrande.

Felicia Robare and Anna Belculfine

It’s not typical for a freshman class to pull out a victory in Battle of the Classes, but the Class of 2019 managed to take the lead in the fall spirit week after 62 percent of the class showed up in red, white, and blue to celebrate ‘Merica Day,

The senior class trailed closely with 59 percent, followed by the juniors at 51 percent and the sophomores at 49 percent.

“I was coming out of the locker room. I was so pumped. I was jumping around all over the place,” says freshman Arda Ibas. “I was like ‘yeah!’ and everyone was looking at me like I was crazy but I didn’t care I was like ‘I love Spirit Week.'”

The Class of 2019 advisors (English teachers Chris Rea, Keith Woodman, and Charlie Cangemi) were also excited for the win.

“It was fate,” says Woodman, “it was destined to happen.”

Seniors were disappointed to hear the announcement at the end of sixth period, but they plan to take the lead over the freshmen class.

“We’re going to win next time,” says senior Nick Godbout.

Juniors too were surprised to hear the results.

“It’s whack,” says junior Natasha Rodriguez.

With less than half of the sophomores participating in Spirit Week, many complained about the lack of enthusiasm.

“Our class doesn’t have spirit anymore since we came in second last year,” says sophomore Brendan Nally. “We don’t seem to try anymore.”

Tomorrow students will wear Tie Dye for the competition.