Students compete in monologue competition


Keith Woodman and students have a team huddle in preparation for the competition.

Zoe Vital, Editor in Chief

Keith Woodman’s public speaking class and Eric Johnson’s Theater Arts class took to the stage on Nov. 24 and 25 to compete in a contest where each student delivered a one-minute monologue that he or she wrote.

After two days during period one, Johnson’s Theater Arts class came out on top with a score of 8 to 4 with one tie. For this event the judge’s panel was made up of LHS staff members, including: Principal Lisa Nemeth, Assistant Principal Michael Halpin, Guidance Counselor Linda Duame, as well as teachers Brandi Stratton and Barbara Piela.

Emotions of fear and trepidation were expressed by many of the students while they anxiously prepared their monologues. “To prepare you have to read your monologue over and over until it’s memorized,” said junior Emily Worpek.

The rules for the event were simple but strictly enforced by the judges panel. Each student had to write and perform an original monologue with a topic of their choosing. Monologues had to be one minute long; however, a 5 second margin of error was allotted with no point reduction. After students were randomly chosen from each class to compete with one another they began to take the stage. As soon as the performer stepped foot on stage their time began and they were given a stool as their only prop.

The competition ended with monologues performed by Johnson and Woodman.

“I think the competition was a great success.The students, each of them, worked really hard to create, memorize, and perform their monologues. This was the first time many of these students performed in a competition and each put their heart into it. I have to say that I’m proud of all the students and their accomplishments, win or lose,” said Johnson.