French Club is back in action


Felicia Robare, News Editor

The French Club, advised by French teacher Tammy Cook, began meeting on Monday’s from 2:00-2:30/3:00 p.m. in E206.

Members typically explore more about the French culture.

“French Club is not an extension of French class,” says Cook, “This allows students to experience the French culture in ways that we are not allowed to [experience] in class.”

Activities vary, at most meetings the club members usually receive a French snack, listen to French music and plan or do activities such as cooking, going on a field trip, or working on a fundraiser.

At the last meeting, Cook had brought in two Lyman’s pies for the students to sample, Apple Crumb and High top apple.

“They were so good, it made me wish that I had ordered an apple crumble,” says junior Annette Robak.

French Club recently held a Lyman Orchard pie fundraiser. Each club at LHS is allowed one fundraiser a year, so the fundraiser determines what they will be permitted to do for the year.

Cook was in charge of French club at a previous school and believed it was important that she accepted the roles and responsibilities of taking on French Club at LHS when Mr. Martin had retired.

French Club has now been run for 10 years with Cook.

“I love French club, it is so much fun,” says Robak. “I look forward to all the meetings with Madame and the different food and activities that we do throughout the year.”