Language department travels to Boston

Felicia Robare, News Editor

The language department will take 69 students on a trip to Boston on Nov. 12 to attend two musicals, one French: French Reflections and one Spanish: Latin Rhythms.

“This gives students the opportunity to experience cultural arts outside of the classroom,” says French teacher Tammy Cook. “Any teacher can play music in class, but it is not the same as truly witnessing it.”

The teachers going on the trip, Cook, Pierre Tending, Fermina Renta, Mayleen Sierra, Maria Fernandes, Joanne Santos-Pontes, and Holly Chacon, were each allowed to bring up to 20 students only permitting themselves to take up to 100 students to go on the trip so that they are not taking too many buses to make the trip cost to much money for the students.

Each student that obtained their signed permission slip, along with $32.00 went on the list of students going on the trip.

“I’m excited to be going on the trip,” says sophomore Kyle La Fleur. “It should be a lot of fun getting out of class for the day and travelling to get see something that is different then i have ever seen before”

Students proceeding to go on this trip will be taking a regular school bus to travel the two hours to Boston.