Students gear up for Spirit Week

Alexis Gamache, Editor-in-Chief

As the snow begins to fall and the temperature drops drastically students and faculty at LHS not only look forward to winter break but an old school tradition, Winter Spirit Week, being held next week December 16 through December 20.

 Just as any other spirit week, students and faculty are encouraged to show their “school spirit” and dress up in attire that follows the theme of the day.

The themes for Winter Spirit Week are as follows:

Monday: Mis-match day. Students are asked to dress up in their craziest outfits and mix up their wardrobe to their liking while following the school’s dress code. After school that day teacher’s are participating in “Deck the Doors.” An event where the LHS faculty decorates their doors with colors and accessories that coincide with the Christmas spirit.

Tuesday: Jersey day. Whether it’s the Ludlow Lions jerseys or a professional sports team jersey, students are encouraged to show their support for their favorite teams. During the day, the winners of the “Deck the Doors” will be announced for first, second and third place.

Wednesday: Tacky Sweater day-Dressing up in your favorite, Christmas sweater can really put one into the spirit of the holidays. LHS wants to see the student’s best tacky sweaters, whether they have homemade recipes sewn onto them or bells that jingle every time you walk, students are encouraged to wear their most unique sweaters.

After school that day grades 9-12 will partake in their favorite time of the year, “Deck the Halls,” when the students of LHS light up the hallways with their class colors. Each class is given one hallway, this year the seniors have the main ramp, juniors have the B-wing, sophomores have the cafeteria hallway and freshman have the C-wing. All classes must come up with a theme that remains top secret until the final reveal early Thursday morning.

Thursday: Class color day- Students are encouraged to represent their class and dress up in their class color. After school that day teachers will be voting for the winners of “Deck the Halls” and cleaning up the decorations.

Friday: Celebrate the Seasons- LHS will be kicking off winter break in holiday spirits as we end the week dressing up in Christmas cheer. Students are encouraged to wear red and green or anything else that brings the feeling of the holidays closer. Ending the day, the anticipation builds as we find out not only who won “Deck the Halls” but who won spirit week as well. An assembly will be held for the winners who will receive prizes.

However,  this year not only are students competing for the title as spirit week winners but they are also competing in Penny Wars.

“Students will give their money as they proceed through the line count,” says English teacher Mrs. Prior, “Pennies count towards your class.  Silver and paper bills counts against other class and the money goes towards survival center in Indian Orchard.”