Interact Club collects money for Philippines


Alexis Gamache, Editor-In-Chief

Interact Club will be collecting donations during all three lunches this week, Nov. 18-22, in hopes to raise money for the residents affected by the recent tsunami in the Philippines.

The tsunami swept through the city of Tacloban, last Friday, with winds of 150-190 miles per hour destroying the area. The storm left the living conditions unbearable and an estimated 10,000 people dead, affecting a total of 13 million other people.

When president of Interact Club, senior Gina Orlandi, heard of the horrid event she knew that something had to be done.

“I saw all the destruction on the news and thought that I definitely needed to help,” said Orlandi, “I introduced the idea to the club and the decision was unanimous.”

Although the club doesn’t have an idea of how much they want to raise, Orlandi already sees progress with what students and faculty have donated so far.

“All were trying to do is make a big impact,” says Orlandi.